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Good day tomorow....

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  • Good day tomorow....

    I've got Josh (my septic guy) busy all day. One of my excavator buddies got a call for a sand filter that isn't working.

    Someone else has tried to clear the 150', 3" supply line from the pump station to the filter. They've got all but 30' done. Where they have stopped they dug a 4'x4'x?' hole for the poo to dump into.

    The sand filter its self has 4 2" latterals 40' long that need to be jetted. The filter was constructed in '84 so it has no access to the latterals. Risers, valves and boxes will be installed.

    So he's taking the septic truck, the cart jetter and the Spartan 300 with him. It should be an all day project worth about $1500 bucks.

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    Re: Good day tomorow....

    As it turned out he earned all $1500 for me! Lots of jetting and some pumping. The latterals in the sand filter were plugged SOLID.