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    Had a call for a plugged toilet, run the 6' closet auger out, and it is still plugged. Now the toilet was installed 2wks ago by the owner. Lift the toilet and check the drain, it was clean as a whistle(PVC waste pipe).
    Lay the toilet on its side and find lots a plastic just flopping in the trapway, figured that was the problem and removed it all. Reset the toilet and it still flushed like it was partially plugged. Lifted the toilet again and could see more plastic but could not get it out. Informed the customer that he needs a new toilet. While taking the tank off I noticed that American Standard lines the trapway of the toilet with plastic and says not to remove it. The toilet was a Cadet 4 if I remember correctly, or was a Champion 4. Anyone else have anything similar happen?

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    Re: American Standard...

    Not I. (said the cat)
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      Re: American Standard...

      Don't they guarantee those against stoppages?
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        Re: American Standard...

        I have an American Standard toilet that I hafta replace under warrranty. After you flush it and it fills up you can hear water dripping for about 30 minutes. It has a fluidmaster ballcock in it and the toilet does not cycle on off due to a leak and it passes a dye test. I can my auger through the bowl(no reason just trying anything at that point) I cleaned the flush jets around the rim.....I did everything and still you can hear water dripping You cant see water moving anywhere in the bowl or tank but you can hear it.

        The old toilet did not do doesn't start until you flush the toilet with the tank. You can flush the toilet with a bucket and reprime the bowl and you will not hear the drip. It only happens when you flush the tank. I assume its water trapped inside the rim and it slowly leaks out internally.

        Customer says its been doing it since I installed it a year ago. I was at her house doing other work and she pointed the problem out. . I'm changing it to a drake for the difference in the price of the toilet.