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ridgid 801 threader

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  • ridgid 801 threader

    Does anyone have any info on a Ridgid 801 threader? How much did it sell for new? How much should I pay for a used one? Are parts still available for it? When were they made? Any problems with them?

    Thanks, Mel

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    I have only worked on a coulpe of this type of machine,(is this machine the one with self opening jaws) well it is very similar to the 535 machine and you can still get some parts for it.i am going to guess that when it was new it probally sold for 2500.00 to 3000.00.(thats just a guess)if this machine runs good and the shaft and bearings are good(by grabbing the front chuck and the back chuck and pulling up on it to feel for looseness or a wobble, and sometimes packing it full of grease will stop the wobble). i would not spend any more than 750.00 on this machine.