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Bad CPVC !!! again

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    Re: Bad CPVC !!! again

    I'd check the CPVC to see if to much glue was used on the fittings. Also, not all types of pipe dope are compatible with CPVC. Could there have been any chemicals that came into contact with the pipe? That can weaken it.

    As for the Wirsbo PEX failures, the first failures they had was with their SSC (Stainless Steel Clamp?) system. Those have been off the market for years now.

    The current Wirsbo PEX failures have to do with the brass fittings in Las Vegas. I work an hour out of Las Vegas, and fittings that last forever out here will be destroyed in years in Vegas. There are other people on this forum that can explain why better then I can.

    I'd install PEX and sleep easy at night.