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  • roman tub with overflow

    anyone know if there is a overflow assembly that can be incorporated with a roman tub drain?

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    Re: roman tub with overflow

    Could you give some more information:

    Is this a tile-in-place tub, or manufactured?

    Is the drain the old-style, heavy brass lift-and-turn?

    Do you have (and I hesitate to even say this, based on my history) a picture of the rough, or finished tub?

    What do you have available at the drain, 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2" piping?

    (Until then, I have seen scupper-type overflow drains on really large spa-type tiled roman tubs. I can probably dig up a drawing or picture.)


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      Re: roman tub with overflow

      Good points Western,I was watching another site discuss romain tubs.Little dissapointing watching so called pros give bad info.

      Put a san-tee on the tailpiece run up to a overflow of your choice.


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        Re: roman tub with overflow

        even Home Depot sells those!


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          Re: roman tub with overflow

          the tub, 7' x 3'-6", will be tiled in place, and the roman tub drain im using is the 2 part plastic with brass lift & turn by oatey that accomidates membrane / hotmop. 2" to drain (new)
          it will have 3/8 stone over thinset over 1/2 wonderboard, and I was looking for an overflow that can either be taken off a tee on the tailpiece or tee off the tailpiece to the drain and rise out the top of the tee to an overflow. have you ever roached the overflow from a tub w & o and installed it?


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            Re: roman tub with overflow

            If I understand it, and the drain is 2" it's best to keep everything the same size. Come off the drain fitting with a street 1/4 bend, run horizontal (with fall!) into the side of a sanitary tee, up from the san tee to the overflow fitting, down from the san tee to the trap. Don't put any other fittings in but those: drain, san tee, overflow, then down into the trap. I've seen some guys do offsets that will only cause problems later. One other thing to consider: That overflow should be as large as you can make it. I've seen SO many of those tubs routinely over-filled and, unless the entire bathroom floor is membrane, it causes long-term damage.

            I don't see any benefit from robbing parts from an existing tub drain, and many reasons NOT to go that way. If the drain you're using is only 1-1/2, you should still try to get up to 2" as soon as you can.

            (Side note: As I mentioned earlier, really big tubs sometimes have more than one scupper drain, which isn't a bad idea. I usually ask the customer, "How much water will you accept on the floor?" They get it.)


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              Re: roman tub with overflow

              Depending on how good your tile/stone man is and how much room you want to (can) sacrifice, the new look on larger roman tubs is to have an overflow trough around the entire perimeter of the tub. You could limit it to one side but definitely not as cool.

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