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    I have a 65R-C Ridge pipe threader and in reading the operating instructions they mention Drip Threads what are drip threads and what are they used for? If anyone can help.

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    The way it has been explained to me is that when you make a drip thread you intentionally cut the thread on the pipe crooked (the reason for the screw in the jaw of the centering head, to offset the work-piece) With this crooked thread some fall could be placed on the pipe when installed. I am not sure how accurate that is or of it is even applicable any more. That question would best be answered by the plumbers on this forum.

    I hope this helps or at least gets you in the right direction to the correct answer.


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      adam, interesting concept. i couldn't find the manual on this site. i too own the 65-r threader. doesn't get used except to clean exisiting threads from 1-2''.
      as far as i know, the fittings are tapped at a pitch of 1/4'' per foot. we don't use much of this (durham) anymore.
      where can i find the owners manual. like i said i couldn't get if from this site.

      thanks, rick.


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        Go to and type in 65R in the
        Search by Catalog Number.The manual is in pdf form.
        Thanks, Aaron