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Nightmare Foreclosure Jobs

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    Re: Nightmare Foreclosure Jobs

    define "weapon" will soon figure out that almost anything in your hands is a weapon...........pipe wrench, screw driver, extension cord, piece of pipe, water hose, rock, stick, rope, wire, pencil, and we haven't even gotten to the pistol, grenades, atomic bombs, pocket knife, any number of spray can junk, shovel, etc., etc.

    Like you said it is kind of a gray area with the wording.

    If a serviceman came into my house armed it would not bother me, but then I grew up with guns.


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      Re: Nightmare Foreclosure Jobs

      the way that a cop I asked explained it to me was that "normal items" didn't count unless there was intent.... or no reason to have it for the situation.

      A flashlight can knock someone out rather well.... but a 36" pipe wrench for a flapper changeout might have a little trouble if you were to thump someone with it

      LOTS of grey

      I don't have a problem with other people being armed, but i've encountered some people that are morons, so I prefer people's weapons either be outta sight and outta mind, unless it's someone I know

      Once darn near shot a guy as he shoved a derringer lookalike lighter in my face.


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        Re: Nightmare Foreclosure Jobs

        Originally posted by Dakota View Post
        Had one last week that gave me the heeby jeebies!

        Got hired in by a bank that forclosed on a property. There was water flooding in the unit and they needed me to handle it.

        Turns out the upstairs faucet was leaking out of the handles and slowly but surely flooding the entire bathroom area and down through the ceiling into the kitchen below.

        The former owner had set up a water heater pan under the vanity sink area in an attempt to collect the flooding water. He ran a hose from the water heater pan in the upstairs bathroom down to the downstairs bathroom sink.
        This set up had been in place for months, but wasn't really working.

        The angle stops under the sink did not work and the bank wanted me to replace them so the water could be shut off to the faucet. I did so at a very high price. The place was worse that putrid. Trash was strewn everywhere. You couldn't even see the floor.

        It appeared that the former owner had up and left taking only some items but leaving most everything else. There still was a computer up and running and other things that made it look like perhaps someone may still be living there.

        At this point I was alone and was really hoping that a disgruntled former owner wouldn't return to surprise me. It really was the setting for some kind of horror movie and I actually checked the closets before starting to make sure there really wasn't anyone home.

        I put down trash bags to lay on - didn't want to contaminate my tarps. In the process of changing out the angle stops I had to work in an area I could best describe as "melting". Everything was decomposing in the cabinet and was just ooze. Naturally, the angle stops were hard to get to loosen up so in the struggle I was just getting covered in mold and slime. I was cool just so long as I wasn't getting it in my mouth or eyes.

        Then it happened. With my head cocked sideways, a drop of primordial ooze dripped from above and went right down my ear canal into my head. It was an experience of violation and utter disgust. That feeling of slime running down my ear canal into my head was about all I could bare. The sensation wouldn't go away. Heeby jeeby city folks.

        I finished the job and got out of there. Still wonder if I charged enough.

        Given our profession you would think that nothing could phase us, but I have actually refused jobs for people whose homes were wretched and vile.
        I love foreclosure jobs. They're like Cracker Jack boxes. You never know what you're going to find inside. We re-water piped a home a year back where every stitch of copper was removed. The AC line set, coile condenser, thermostat wire, romex in the walls, water piping, valves, ground wiring, even the nuts and stems were cut off the closet bolts! Very thorough thieves. Probably the foreclosed owner since they had so much time.

        Anyway, the toilet was filled to the rim with crappity crap. I think they had a contest to see how full they could get it. And it sat for months. Two other plumbers refused to clear the toilet. My EX plumbing partner refused to put his closer auger in there. I figure if it goes through old poop or fresh poop what's the difference? Either way I make sure it gets rinsed off fairly well. So I augered that baby out a bunch of times till it was clear. Good times. Good times.
        Time flies like an arrow.

        Fruit flies like a banana.