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Spring is Here! And so are the Price-shopping Guys!

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    Re: Spring is Here! And so are the Price-shopping Guys!

    I work out of my van .... my billing comes out of the house
    Its not cheep


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      Re: Spring is Here! And so are the Price-shopping Guys!

      Originally posted by DZ Plumb View Post

      So Breid, It barely cost me anything to run my business <compared to someone with a shop or house payment or whatever>.......It comes down to how much I want in my pocket when it's said and done.

      I guess I can just go out cheap as heck till I get busy and then raise my pricing
      You should be charging enough so that you can afford to purchase a shop, new truck, whatever you need. You're not always going to be living with someone else are you?

      Plus, what happens when you get a customer who calls you a second time for more work and you tell them your new increased rate? They're not going to hire you, they'll call the next guy down the line who is cheaper.


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        Re: Spring is Here! And so are the Price-shopping Guys!

        Great advice Ace I feel the same way.


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          Re: Spring is Here! And so are the Price-shopping Guys!

          I would never call my competition or peek over the fence to find out what they were doing. But with that said, if I was moving to another state, I would find out who the legitimate Plumbers in the area were, and get together with them to keep my price in line. But everything would depend on my cost of living in that state, so I would keep that in mind.

          We are entitled to Profit-wages-overhead.

          Take the radical, out of this stratosphere, high priced guys out of the equation for a second. A Homeowner will complain about paying a Plumber $300 for a service call, but yet they will easily pay that amount to "geek squad" to come out and fix their computer. I don't understand the logic and double standard there. I'm not going to even get into real estate agents and Lawyers..I'll rant forever.

          When I see people ***** about Plumbers prices, I don't get mad anymore, and I don't want to get into the economics of business with them.

          I just ask them 1 simple question..

          I ask them.."You tell me how much you would do this job for, and I'll tell you how long you will be in business for".

          I get people that try to program me as soon as I walk in the door. I just ignore them, and go about my business. If I feel a discount is in order, that's up to ME... not them to determine.

          I mean christ..we are not the Salvation Army here.

          There is a reason why companies stay in business for a very long time.

          If people don't like it..maybe they should move into an apartment where they have a maintenance man at their disposal, and repairs are covered in their rent. (No offense to the Maintenance guys we have here)

          Bottom line is..if a customer doesn't like my price, that's what the phone book is for.
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