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Corrugated drain tile woes...

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  • Corrugated drain tile woes...

    I just found out (via Seesnake Compact) that a couple of sections of my drain tile have clay and rocks in them. We had a gully washer a couple weeks ago, and the window well filled up. It looked like an aqaurium tank. Then it seeped in and we took water.

    I thought about putting the K 1500 without a cutter head down there. My thought was I could spread it out, wash some of it out, and maybe camera the rip/break.

    Any suggestions? I was told a jetter would not make more than one bend in corrugated.

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    Re: Corrugated drain tile woes...

    I wonder why that crap is even legal. It's going to fail eventually lol. Why don't they put in schedule 40 PVC with drain fittings and a cleanout so you can at least jet the roots out when the day comes?