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Kallista faucet diverter issue

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  • Kallista faucet diverter issue

    I received a call from a G.C yesterday that a Kallista faucet he had installed 5 yrs ago was giving the customer trouble. The customer said that even from the beginning, the pressure from the sprayer was terrible and now you squeeze the handle and get a dribble for 1 second...then nothing. I changed the diverter....nothing changed. The sprayer and hose were changed before and that didn't help anything either. Has anyone else had trouble with Kallista faucets?

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    Re: Kallista faucet diverter issue

    Hello Vette850;

    At your convenience please call the Kallista Customer Service toll-free number at 1-888-452-5547 (1-888-4KALLISTA). We will be glad to work with you to resolution.

    Best Regards,

    Kallista Customer Service
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