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Soap dispenser difficult to change out!!!!!

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  • Soap dispenser difficult to change out!!!!!

    One of my customers asked my to change out both kitchen sink soap dispensers the other day. I thought it was be a quick and easy job.....I was WRONG!!!! Whatever idiot did the original work must have mounted the dispensers on the sink and granite before placing the whole assembly on the cabinets. The bottles are rammed against the inside back of the cabinet so bad that I can't even unscrew them. Does anyone know if they make some type of remote soap dispenser that i can mount down low and run the tube all the way up to the pump?

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    Re: Soap dispenser difficult to change out!!!!!

    UPDATE: A lightbulb went off in my head after first posting the question and I thought of making my own soap dispenser extension kit. I used a 3/4" coupling and 3/4" mip by barb fitting on the bottom of a pegasus dispenser. I then attached a 16" piece of 3/4" clear tubing which was attached to the top of the soap bottle down below. I then inserted a piece of 5/16" O.D. clear tubing into the bottom of the pump and slid that down the 3/4" tubing and into the bottle. IT WORKED!!! You just can't use too thick of a soap because the pump won't be able to overcome the head.