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    So it is that time of year again to start up swamp coolers and cooling towers. How many of you take care of any cooling towers and if so what kind of chemical might you use in the reservoir to help take care of scale buildup over the season? Generaly I have done annual cleaning of the reservoirs, maintain belts etc. but always wonder if I should do something for the water.

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    Re: cooling towers

    We just run untreated river water thru ours.
    Each tower needs about 30,000 Gal/Hr of makup water.

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      Re: cooling towers

      NO, mine were not on the "scale" (no pun intended) of Bob's. Bob's system appears to be a "lost water system", mine were contained systems with large basins and the water was re-circulated with fresh water make-up. I worked for a company at two different locations, we had a six-cell tower at one plant, and a nine-cell tower at the other plant. These were thirty (30) tons of cooling per cell, lot's of make-up water as this is the nature of cooling towers--some dissipation of water to reduce the temperature of the overall water. I did use chemicals for Ph balance, usually/almost always Sulfuric Acid @ 99Be, and priority chemicals to prevent scaling within all the piping the water went through. These chemicals were supplied by a contracted company, I just had to check and maintain the balance. Chlorine was a must! Automatically added as a liquid and shock tablets three times a week. Legionnaires Disease is a problem in this much aerated water. I'm not familiar with "swamp coolers". I would say that any system which uses aerated water for cooling purposes should be treated for de-scaling, and bacteria. Materials, metals, used within the system are a factor also.There should be a local chemical supply center near you which could help in this matter. David