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    Well today I picked up A new ridgid K-45 AF hand held rod when I worked at my last job they supplyed tools and I had an old K 39 af old type all I can say about this new one is WOWI loved it compaired to the oled one .Best thing I have a freind at a tool supply not AJ kollmen I paied $305.18or it new came with 25' cable and nice steal case . I also bought My first sectional A Ridgid K-60 that came with tool box and blades 75' of cable 5-15' sections and guid hose also whitch set me back $1401.11 and I picked up an extra cable carrer kit with 75' of cable for$230.66 for a total of 150'of sectional main sewer rod .havent used K-60 yet but I think I mite test it out on my sewer.I just hope the K-60 works as well as every one says it does here or maybe I will sell it to Rick LOL
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    SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME

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    SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME