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    Anybody using these valves? If so can you enlighten me on how they work? Possibly any service tips that you would like to share?

    Thanks for the help. Just had to rebuild an 1 1/2" valve at a nursing home today. I just think that there might be something better, but I could be wrong.

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    Re: Holby Valve...

    from the holby web site, on how they work,
    I do not know if it will help you any or not.

    The Holby Valve Company offers the first and most-widely specified water tempering valve in the industry. THE HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE is a temperature regulating valve, designed to be used as a master, zone, fixture or individual appliance regulator to control the predetermined temperature of hot water. Water delivered from hot water generating equipment such as storage tanks, heat exchangers, submerged coils, or any other source, is frequently too hot or scalding. This condition can be corrected by the installation of a HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE. It is a necessary part of any submerged tankless water heating system.

    THE HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE is also used in regulating temperatures for engines, heating systems, compressors, cooling towers, processing machinery and many other applications.


    THE HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE is rugged, constructed entirely of bronze and copper and hydrostatically tested to a pressure of 300 pounds. It has the following features:

    A long mixing chamber with vanes at an angle to the longitudinal axis of the valve which causes a thorough mixing of the hot and cold water.

    The unusual length of the hydraulic thermostatic element, assures effective surface contact with the water.

    The thermostatic element is placed in the body of the valve where the hot and cold water mix. It is immediately sensitive to any change in water temperature and makes proper corrections by opening or closing the hot and cold water inlets in the valve.

    The sensitive parts of the thermostatic element are inside a heavy non-ferrous tube which protects them from any corrosive or scaling action caused by the continuous flow of water past them.

    The extraordinary length of the thermostatic element provides fifteen to twenty times the number of corrugations found in the usual short thermostat. Thus, the total expansion is divided over these numerous corrugations, so that the flexing of each is reduced to mere thousandths of an inch with resulting long life of the instrument.

    The action of the thermostatic element moves a piston over the hot and cold water openings, opening the cold as it reduces the opening of the hot, thus uniformly blending the hot and cold water, producing an even temperature of the delivered water without any change in volem. This action elminates the building up of temperature incirculating systems at times when little or no hot water is being used.


    THE HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE will operate satisfactorily when installed in any position WITHOUT TRAPPING. It can be installed with a minimum number of extra fittings, reducing installation costs to a minimum. Its extraordinary length takes the place of expensive brass pipe. When installing, our basic piping diagrms should be followed.

    The end of the valve, where the adjusting screw is located, should NOT be placed against, nor in line with any other fixed object for a space of twenty-four inches. This will allow access to the inner parts of the valve, if necessary.


    THE HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE can be adjusted to deliver water within close tolerances of any temperature between 120o to 200o Fahrenheit, providing the water supplied to the valve is of a higher temperature than that for which the valve is set. HIGHER or LOWER temperature ranges available on special order.


    The temperature of the water delivered by the HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE can be changed by turning the adjusting screw to the right or clockwise for lower temperatures; and to the left or counter clockwise for higher temperatures. It will maintain a uniform temperature regardless of temperature of incoming water. To facilitate adjustment a thermometer should be placed in the line beyond the HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE as shown in the diagram and water should be flowing through the HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE while adjustment is being made.

    flow chart,
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      Re: Holby Valve...

      Thanks BHD, I found that info already.