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Vacuum Breaker or Check?

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  • Vacuum Breaker or Check?

    Had a commercial job where a vacuum breaker is installed on a sink hose. Vacuum breaker leaking and also stopping flow through the hose. AND I couldn't find a replacement anywhere soon enough plus this sink has got to be operational now.

    So I bypassed the vacuum breaker and installed a spring check in the hose.

    Good? Bad? Does a vacuum breaker beat a spring check? Other way around?

    Would you consider them pretty much equal?



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    Re: Vacuum Breaker or Check?


    A vacuum breaker will normally leak water out through an atmospheric port rather than let it be sucked back into the potable water supply.

    A spring loaded check valve does not have that port and so doesn't offer the same type protection.

    I imagine if you had installed a Watts 9D backflow preventor which does have a port that might technically provide the same level of protection.

    If I were you I would correct the deficiency as soon as parts become available. Or change the faucet and install a new vacuum breaker by default.
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      Re: Vacuum Breaker or Check?

      a spring check is not the same. if i could not fix the AVB i would change the faucet! backflow prevention is not something to get wrong.


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        Re: Vacuum Breaker or Check?

        You should get the avb fixed or replace the faucet. Cross Connection is very important and should be corrected as soon as possible.


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          Re: Vacuum Breaker or Check?

          Not the same better to have put the sink out of service till new parts/faucet could be installed.
          Last time I try to fix it myself. Next time I will hire a PROFESSIONAL.