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    I know i am getting old and set in my ways
    I walked through a new hunting cabin being built with in eye site of are family farm
    knowing the plumber i looked past the pex running across the vaulted ceiling and coming down the out side wall
    Then i come up on the outside faucet ..its a wood ford with a vac breaker i didn't have a tape if it was 4" long it would be a stretch
    It Had a 1/2" piece of copper sweated in going back to the pex
    the cabin is going to be bricked the live water is going to be in the back of the brick or air space no protection

    My son asked one of the apprentice's that work for the guy at class
    why they did that
    In there mind they think it will never freeze and bust the pipe because it will just keep pushing the water back ...
    Its way better than a long one..
    It can freeze 10 times with out breaking

    (Im like put a normal one in the right wall and you wont have a problem )

    I am close enough to the cabin...That i will here how it goes next winter

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    Re: No NO No

    I gotta' say, that for the winter climate here in N.C., the old type eared boiler drain/sillcock is better. I know, you think I'm crazy.

    The copper that Woodforde uses seems even thinner than M. Is there a type N? Number one thing I see causing a failure with one is leaving the hose on, freezing, backing up and popping it. Won't happen with the old type. Stops at the threads.

    Anyway, I installed a couple of the old type on a relatives house I see often. I didn't have any Woodfordes, did have these, and thought I'd use this for an experiment.

    They are installed through brick, under crawlspace, and if I recall, a vent not far away.

    Not 1 problem in many years.



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      Re: No NO No

      I can see it in some places ...We had at least 6 weeks this year below freezing


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        Re: No NO No

        I'm in N.C. Don't track weather much myself. But I do recall 2 or 3 days in the teens, then 20's in the mornings, 40 at the peak afternoon. Cycles like that.

        No problems at all. I could see it being a big problem in colder areas though.



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          Re: No NO No

          I dont want the insurance man knocking on my door


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            Re: No NO No

            Originally posted by JCsPlumbing View Post

            The copper that Woodforde uses seems even thinner than M. Is there a type N?
            JC: There's a "service weight" which is thinner than M. I've seen it printed in both yellow lettering and black lettering. (I've also seen K hard in black instead of green but the weight difference is obvious.)
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