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Stainless or Galvanized?

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    Re: Stainless or Galvanized?

    This chart (same one BHD gave) looks correct to me. In two different posts you ask about 1" then 1-1/4" Sch 40, which is it or both?

    Max working pressure of 229 PSIG for 1-1/4" Sch 40 sounds right. Remember you are limited by the weakest link in the system, a fitting, valve, flange, etc. Also remember that threading the pipe will reduce the wall thickness. Most times when I have installed screwed pipe it has been spec'd to use pipe one wall thickness higher for any pipe with a threaded end. So if Sch 40 for butt weld and socket weld fittings, then Sch 80 for threaded connections.

    Have you considered this might even be ridigd conduit? Some cheapskate might have used it thinking they are the same. Pipe is pipe right?

    Hose testing a fire house maybe??
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      Re: Stainless or Galvanized?

      I just want to say thanks to all that have read my questions, searched with me for answers, and gave their opinions.

      I have come to an agreement with the owner to bring in a Mechanical Engineer to assess the current system and any changes that are being considered. I've explained to them about liability considerations towards myself and towards himself.

      I have made it known that we need the "stamp" on the original system and any changes/additions that may be done before I will touch it.

      He is in agreement with me on how to proceed at this point.

      Thanks again to everyone.



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        Re: Stainless or Galvanized?

        Great decision JC.

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          Originally posted by BazBaz77
          I like to get my sch 40 stainless steel fittings from this site, good quality and not too expensive
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