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plannng for a residential sewage pump

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  • plannng for a residential sewage pump

    Aloha Folks, My wife and I are purchasing a long rectangular acre of land north of Hilo, HI. It is required that we must hook up to the county sewage system. However, the spot where we would like to situate the house is about 250 feet away, and about 15 feet below the sewage line. (The land gently slopes downhill from the road). I would like to know the basics of sewage pumping to get an idea if it is realistic to situate the house away from the road and have our sewage wastes pumped up to the sewer line. We plan a two story house, and there will be two people living in the home with two bathrooms.

    Any advice or reference websites or literature would be most appreciated. We are into day two of our ten day inspection period on our purchase contract, so we must make a decision soon.

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    if you get ahold of Myers they can most likley steer you in the right direction as to what needs to be done.

    They make the only pumps I fully recomend for septic purposes and will have the hard data you will require for sizing and setup.


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      Iam in the same situation on a steep hilside/lakeside location in Pa. The house is framed and I will be buying either a Meyers or Gould grinder pump and tank in October. Both are considered good quality and cost around $3000.
      In my research I have found that sewer plant sizes czn be cut in half if everyone used a grinder pump. I predict that in the furure everyone that is connected to a public sewer will bw forced to install one. This looks like a good business to get into going into the future.