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Marine battery vs. Sump back up battery

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  • Marine battery vs. Sump back up battery

    I am looking for a decent battery to use in my popup camper. The camper does not have air conditioning. We would mainly use it for a night lite, and a fan. I thought about using a Pro Series battery. Then I noticed most campers use the marine battery.

    Is there an actual component difference?
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    Re: Marine battery vs. Sump back up battery

    Well there is a slight difference, most Marine battery's have less cells than the Pro Series battery. So you get less amp hours with a standard marine battery.

    Now the one I use in my sprinter to run my power inverter and such is an optima blue top D27M battery. It is 100% spill proof, and works great in cold weather.
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      Re: Marine battery vs. Sump back up battery

      Use a "deep cycle" battery, not a starting battery. It doesn't have to be a "Marine" battery.


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        Re: Marine battery vs. Sump back up battery

        Hello, I noticed your conversation regarding our batteries and wanted to offer some assistance. myakka is correct regarding a battery with the ability to be deep-cycled being correct for your pop-up camper application. For your application, cranking amps and cold cranking amps are not as important as reserve capacity.

        Internally, our D27M and D34M BlueTop (marine) batteries are identical to their YellowTop counterparts. However, YellowTops offer a three-year replacement warranty and BlueTops offer additional threaded top posts for marine applications. Our D31M BlueTops will offer the most reserve capacity in our line, but you need to make sure whatever battery you select will fit in the space provided. It's also important to mention that all lead-acid batteries can vent toxic, flammable gas, even "sealed" batteries, like Optimas.

        For safety reasons we strongly recommend any battery mounted in an enclosed space be properly vented. Our Group 27, 51, 78, 34C and 31 batteries all come with provisions for venting. If you have any other battery-related questions, I'll do my best to answer them.

        Jim McIlvaine
        eCare Manager, OPTIMA Batteries, Inc.