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Angle Stop Woes

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    Re: Angle Stop Woes

    LThompson Have you used the "Dahl in one" valve yet ? I just got a box of them last week .


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      Re: Angle Stop Woes

      Originally posted by LThompson View Post
      i only install dahl angle stops because of this...tried the rest and if its not the handle breaking the ball is mia.some guys i know will not pay the extra $1.25 for a decent angle stop knowing they will be back in a couple years to replace.maybe there on to somthing but i rely on word of mouth so i got to go with wat i the way proflo is the bigest peice on the planet (angle stops only).
      If you have info on what makes Dahl a better quality valve could you share? I'll pay more for a valve if its better.

      Been unimpressed with brasscraft for awhile, a little caution light in my head just wondering if brasscraft is as good as I've told my customers

      I'm getting pizzedreading this thread.




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        Re: Angle Stop Woes

        i use all stops they make other than those push ons. i really like the dual angle stops because they come with a compresson plug that stops one outlet for furture or if r/o or dishwasher isnt ready.dahl also makes one for peds and w/c that cone style eschion cover nut and ferral finished trim turns out that much better.


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          Re: Angle Stop Woes

          Wookie grab one off the shelf at the supply house to me they seam heaver like a solid hunk of brass I like the fact I can cut down my stock with dahl in one valve kit that goes for connection type and either angle , straight , or dual outlet I don't have to stock a valve I am not going to use for eight months just the connection type end! these are all "ball" valves and made in canada of solid brass . They do cost more but call backs mean every thing right.


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            Re: Angle Stop Woes

            I got word back from Brasscraft on how to determine whether a KT series angle stop is pre or post the corrective brass formula change to address de-zincafication.

            The corrective formula change for the brass was introduced April of 2007.

            On the side of the angle stop is a stamped code.

            It starts with a letter T or L and the meaning of this was not explained.

            The 2nd, 3rd and 4th digits are what determine the month and year of manufacture.

            The 2nd digit is a letter. It determines the month of manufacture. A = January and each subsequent letter of the alphabet is the next month and so on.

            The 3rd and 4th digits in the code are numbers and stand for the year of manufacture.

            The forward slash and number following this was not explained.

            The code on my broken angle stop is:


            L - Not explained by Brasscraft and meaningless to us
            H - Month of manufacture. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet which means it was manufactured the 8th month of the year (August).
            05 - This is the year of manufacture (2005)
            /1 - Not explained by Brasscraft and meaningless to us

            Any valve stamped with April 07 or later is with the corrective brass formula. Anything stamped prior was pre.
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              Re: Angle Stop Woes

              very good job of informing the forum form start to finish justin

              so what are they going to do to help you and the customer out?

              phoebe it is


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                Re: Angle Stop Woes

                So Dakota are still going to use Brass craft?


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                  Re: Angle Stop Woes

                  Originally posted by Clipper City Plumber View Post
                  So Dakota are still going to use Brass craft?
                  I am making a small claim with them currently. If they own up and show me they've got my back, I will continue to use them. I have been through this with another major American plumbing parts manufacturer and they stood behind their product. In the end I really want to buy American as much as possible. It would be a loss for Brasscraft to fail.

                  I will never know what went down within the company. Was this de-zincafication a result of efforts to cheapen out the product to save a buck and thus create the situation? Hopefully it is a lesson learned and never to be repeated.

                  Meanwhile, I am paying close attention to the alternate angle stops being suggested.

                  Now, if I end up with a bunch of floods and unhappy customers over the next several years, I will re-evaluate.