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G/D at old age hospital

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  • G/D at old age hospital

    man talk about some mean G/D
    the salvajor 150 3 phase 208 6" opening If I can remembr corectly could handle up to 2" bone this place was old age hospital rehab facilaty I just makes you wonder about the people that cant pay bill after rehab . grind , grind , grind ,
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    SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME

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    Re: G/D at old age hospital

    Dude that thing is hardcore, now I know what to recommend when people want a "very high power disposal". I always wonder what they hell they are putting down there to need more horsepower than a regular badger V.

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      Re: G/D at old age hospital

      The company I worked for put in a 11HP G/D in the international terminal at O'Hare Airport. It was fed with a 2 inch water line and it had a 6 inch drain.Anything that they didnt like that came off a plane was thrown down it. It was cool.

      I didnt work on the jobs our company also did bigger ones at Purdue University and Abbott Labs. I cant say what was thrown down those G/Ds