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BrassCraft valve problem

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  • BrassCraft valve problem

    I know there was a thread a while back about Brasscraft 1/4 turn valves w/stem problems.I went to change out a kitchen fct. for a friend today,he had the water shut off to the fct.for a year,as soon as I opened the angle stops they leaked like a sieve,both hot and cold. These photos show a new OCR19(these are not 1/4 turn valves) on the right and a 10 year old OCR19 out of the house on the left,notice how the plastic stem is almost 1/3 gone on the old,has this been a problem before on these valves?House is on Lake Michigan water out of the Jardine filtration plant.
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    Re: BrassCraft valve problem

    very common problem i see out here. the plastic stem didn't hold up well to the chlorine and chloramines in the city water.

    they have redesigned the plastic to prevent this.

    phoebe it is