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    Sometimes when I am cutting stainless tubing, the cutter wheel threads the tube rather than cutting. What's the problem and more importantly what's the fix.

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    well first check your wheel to be sure there are no nik's second examine your technique, perhaps you are tightening it too much, to close to the end of the tubing and the cutter isnt sitting straight or your wheel may be loose it could be a number of things
    try instead of going all the way around go back and forth not just in one direction... i hope this helps


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      A few things to check on a tubing cutter.
      1. Remove the wheel and inspect the wheel pin and inspect it. Look for a groove where the wheel was riding. This groove can cause the cutter to spiral on the tubing if this is present. Simply rotate the pin 90 degrees or replace it.
      2. Inspect the pins that support the rollers as this same condition can occur.
      3. If the pins look good then flip the cutter wheel around and try it again if the wheel spirals the opposite way, then the wheel is the culprit. If it spirals in the same direction then the frame could be a little out of alignment.
      Good Luck.


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        If you're using a quick acting tubing cutter, I have found that they have a tendency to "wander" during use. These are the models 150, 151, etc. The other type cutters, like the models 10, 15, 20, etc are more stable and have much less of a tendency to wander when using. The quick acting are more convienent to use since they're faster, especially if time is important.
        Good luck,
        Marcus Rinaldi
        Marcus Rinaldi<BR>Service Tech<BR>F&W Heating & Cooling