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Clay pipe connection

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  • Clay pipe connection

    I've never run clay pipe,just repairs with fernco fittings. Need to put in a clean out where a 4" clay wye is the transition from 4" c.i. the clay disc plug is where roots have entered. May first thought was cut c.i. and clay replace with abs wye and run my cleanout . C.I. looks real " onioned " up but normally with grinding the ci I wind up with a decent piece of pipe to work with.

    Just wondering can I remove the disc plug and replace with a stub piece of clay pipe and fernco the abs to run yard cleanout? Is an adapter avaliable or use concrete like what was used in the 50's??

    Would this c.i. be the onetime the job goes south and I wished I would have done the clay stub routine??? I'm not thrilled with the concrete connection scenario especially with no track record. Besides roots love em from my experience

    Just want to do the best and smart way Suggestions welcome



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    Re: Clay pipe connection

    are you talking about the plastic stopper that has allowed roots in? prior to the plastic stopper, it was a clay cookie

    if the clay is intact, and there is enough of a hub to cut off, you can band the pipe to the clay stub. i believe they also make a push in no caulk insert for the clay hub. otherwise just cut out the fitting and install a new clay wye or cast or abs.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Clay pipe connection

      Yes a clay cookie and not enough of a stub left if i cut the clay hub.

      I'm just going to replace it with abs, just thinking out loud, Thanks