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  • Bid advice!

    Got good opportunity to bid Local school district yearly gas test on 7 schools but they want a bid all together with normal problems figured in. ?????? Scoped out one school today alot of rooftop weld pipe and multiple threaded drops down and entering buildings. Give me your thoughts!!! Its a crap shoot....but great opportunity for my business ?Worst case $ vs Best case $

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    Re: Bid advice!

    Take all the money you are willing to put on this projection. Go to Vegas and put it on black. You will have better odds.

    The scope is to broad based on what you are saying. You have to inspect all systems and put your thumb to what you think.


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      Re: Bid advice!

      Bid it with a set amout of hours to fix "common issues" say 2 hours per school. Give an hourly rate to fix anything beyond those hours. It could lead to some great opportunities in the future.


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        Re: Bid advice!

        Figure out what you'd like to make on the deal, then double that amount, and bid accoridingly.

        That way if you get it, you make money even if it goes to hell.

        Always overprice the commercial stuff - if it comes in, great, if not, you haven't lost any money.
        I'm on "The List" and I love it!!