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  • Master Plumbers Test

    Any suggestions on what I should study for Master Plumber Test. Have IPC book and commentary. Any other books I might want to study. Would appreciate some positive advice. Getting tired of working for someone else. Test is in Alabama. We use IPC

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    Re: Master Plumbers Test

    The code book and commentary should cover alot. But it also depends on how your state tests. Here we use IPC but last I heard there were many questions involved pertaining to business and contracting law.

    Your testing body should give you some vague idea of areas for you to study.

    Good luck!



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      Re: Master Plumbers Test

      Know the code inside out including your state amendments
      Make sure you can size water piping and DWV
      You need to know the sections on wet and stack venting
      Remember the 09 additions and changes
      Cheat if you can


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        Re: Master Plumbers Test

        Check with some of your state's trade associations, normally they put on a prep course.The course I took was a great deal of help before I tested. It may not give you the test questions,but it will narrow the material you will need to study.


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          Re: Master Plumbers Test

          Make sure you know your Drainage Fixture Unit Values.

          Definitely make sure you know the difference between a Stack Vent & Vent Stack.

          For that matter..make sure you know what a Circuit vent is and Loop vent is as well.

          Not sure what code you follow, but make sure you know your pipe sizes and distance away from a vent.

          Oh and btw..this is my first post, I'm new here.


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            Re: Master Plumbers Test

            defiantly the crash courses that the local contractor schools put on. they have a tendency to know what's on the last test

            out here it wasn't the trade part that's an issue, it's the business law that's a difficult one.

            phoebe it is