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Electric tankless waterheaters

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  • Re: Electric tankless waterheaters

    Originally posted by OkieBill View Post
    NOOOOO, EEmax are an insurance claim waiting to happen...

    Hit the search function and see the pics and posts about Eemax electric water heaters...

    I have had 2 bad experiences with emax heaters and will not install / service or recommend them.
    Great, now I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Re: Electric tankless waterheaters

      We got the drains roughed in and worked out a few decorator designer problems..

      #1 shows the tie in ..this is the only house that hasn't settled..I believe it

      #2 shows the spot behind the com they wanted to stick me in
      My 2ft level sits in the spot i worked out on the phone

      #3 around the Dr pepper bottle is the spot i got now for the tank
      The decorator is not so good with the tape...
      It will fit in the laundry room now
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