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    Re: Toilet Auger

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    seems like this comes up a few times a year and it's always been lopsided towards the general 6' bulb end.

    i have both the ridgid and general with and with and without the drop heads.

    my #1 go to tool is the proper plunger and my next go to is the general bulb auger.

    a drop head is just too bulky for todays low flow toilets.

    Starting to see the 1.28gpf. Bad plumbing

    Good business. $$$



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      Re: Toilet Auger

      I like the General with the small bulbhead. After breaking a bowl trap once with the drop head, I quit using it and use the bulbhead 6 footer only.


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        Re: Toilet Auger

        I have an old General, and a year or two ago I got a new Ridgid. The Ridgid just doesn't seem to work well. I always wind up going back to the General. Both are 6'. General has changeable heads. I used to also use it occasionally to clear a trap arm with a small drop head.

        For closets, it has a bell-shaped spiral screw, unlike Ridgid's ball-shaped one, and is better at picking up objects.

        The Ridgid one was only $50, and I'd probably have to pay $150 for a new General.

        Sometimes, no closet auger will get it, period. Then I take them home and break them open to find out why.