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Well pressure problem

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  • Well pressure problem

    In the last couple days my pressure from my well is way down.
    System is not short cycling. Before, everytime you flushed a toilet the pump would kick on and run for a few seconds and kick off. Now it seems like water has to run forever before the pump kicks on and it takes longer for it to shut off.
    2 line deep well jet pump, less then a year old pressure tank.
    according to the gauge inline in kicks in at 30psi and out at 50psi, but water barely falls out of faucets.
    Hot water seems to have better pressure then cold.
    No inline filters in the house.
    Bypassed water softener and problem was the same. Turned water off to house and hooked a hose up to pressure tank and problem was the same.

    Where do I start?

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    Re: Well pressure problem

    pressure switch gone bad?

    Is there a way to see if you have pressure at the pump it self? if the pressure is dropping way down before turning on and not shutting on at a preset setting, I would think the switch may be of problem, could be a restriction going to the pressure switch, (I had that once but found it when replacing the pressure switch),

    the only other thing is to see if you have proper pressure and water right at the pump and tank, and if you do then there is a restriction between the pump/tank, and the house. it would appear to me.

    if it is short cycling most like the air tank is water logged,
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      Re: Well pressure problem

      switch is kicking on and off at the correct settings. 30 & 50, just takes FOREVER for the pressure to drop to 30. I have a spigot coming right off my pressure tank and I shut the water off to the house and hooked a hose right up to that spigot and it was the same. Takes a good 3 minutes for the pressure to drop to 30psi for pump to kick back on. Before, almost everytime I flushed a toilet the pump would kick on for 30 seconds or so (when pressure was good) and it is a small pressure tank 15 gallons maybe


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        Re: Well pressure problem

        Turn off the pump and drain the tank. Check the tank pressure at the schrader valve, should be 28 PSI if your cut in is set at 30 PSI.
        You should also check for water in the bladder


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          Re: Well pressure problem

          was going to do that last night, but couldn't find a tire pressure gauge. Will have to buy one tonight. According to the gauge on the pump it kicks in and out at the right psi.


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            Re: Well pressure problem

            Turn on a tap and watch the pressure gauge, does it fall slowly to near the cut in pressure then drop rapidly if so then your bladder pressure is low or it is water logged. If there is water in the bladder it is time for a new tank, yours at less than a year old may be under warranty.


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              Re: Well pressure problem

              If the faucet at the pump still only dribbles, you have a restriction somewhere keeping the water from coming out of the tank. It could be the tank itself. The pressure switch is doing what it's supposed to, turning the pump on at 30 and off at 50. It's just that the pressure and water are not getting out fast enough to make it happen like it should.

              Try pushing down on the plate that the springs on the switch set on after you turn on that close by faucet. When the pump comes on, does the pressure then get better. If so, you know the restriction is in the tank or the piping near it. Be careful messing with the switch. It's hot electrically.

              If you can post a few pictures, it may be very helpful.

              By the way, what brand is this year old tank?


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                Re: Well pressure problem

                Two things, Ok maybe three

                One - there is either a copper line or a nipple that connects the pressure switch to the tank tee or maybe the pump. Take it apart and clean all the crap out of it.

                Deep well jet pump means there is a venturi down the well and they do get plugged up with rust or other crap. Requires either help or a professional to fix

                Finally, perhaps the well is having recovery problems or the foot valve is sticking or stuck. Also requires a professional to fix.