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    Re: Gas Codes

    Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
    Now you sound like an Engineer and you are 100% correct.

    I have installed railroad cars full of galvanize pipe in 1/8" through 4" and black pipe in 1/8" through 2". On very rare occasions you will get bad pipe or fittings which you usually catch before it is installed. On really rare occasions you may not find it until your test. Neither I nor anyone working for me has ever found a sand casting hole in a pipe which we put in service and it leaked later.

    The above said, if you want to see a pipe system that has a lot of sand casting holes look at cast iron.

    Maybe I sound like an engineer....because I'm one .

    I personally have not been involved with developing many products that have gone into high volume manufacture - mainly lower volume higher end specialized products - but as you say the distribution of manufacturing defects is not precise although generally form some kind if well known probablity distribution - I believe normal (Gaussian) is a common one.

    As far as pipe unless you can image and pinpoint all the defects you will never really know what defects there are. I'm not sure how they address this from a quality control point of view - maybe you know better. All products I have been involved with developing have an a set of tests at production to validate the product/system.


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      Re: Gas Codes

      Okay, Mark and Rick, just tell Kevin Jones that the road flares take care of all pinholes in Galvy and Black Pipe during the pre test and all is well after that! LOL......... I declare this pissing contest over! Ca. plumbers know what lasts!


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        Re: Gas Codes

        In NH plumbers can not do gas piping, installation or service without a separate gas license. The gas license is under the Firemarshalls office.


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          Re: Gas Codes

          Originally posted by JCsPlumbing
          And you may not last 5 minutes on theirs.

          I understand your point, and they do too. They may not change after being informed and you have zero control of that.

          You can bring your findings before the code writers to promote change and/or concentration in this area. Changes will be made, inspectors educated, and enforcement.

          If you truly care about lives in relation to this, that is the BEST way to do the most good.

          Arguing with a few people on internet forums will do very little in the big picture.

          Cool down and think about it.

          I have no care of this site, the people that exist in those structures are my concern. Those 2 are going to keep up with their BS and I have had it.

          MARK you moderate...then you delete me completely. You will here my name again when your codes change. I have said it once. I will say it again...this is not the forum to make a difference.


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            Re: Gas Codes

            Black or Iron galvy welding shops ?
            I can build anything You want , if you draw a picture of it , on the back of a big enough check .