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    I'm thinking of taking the dive! I got some 2" backflows coming up and would probaly fly using a propress. What is the differance from the CT400 and the 330E, besides cord and no cord? I have used the 330 and the 100 but when I started to look into getting one I also seen the CT400 and it got me thinking about it , but I never used one before. Also wut about the rothenberger Thanks Guys
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    Re: Propress Question

    the 400 is the original dinosaur electric beast. heavy with no jaw swivel. but is bullet proof.

    the 330 is the newest unit with a 270 degree head swivel and comes in both corded and cordless. much lighter and has a 30,000 cycle life before recalibration.

    i have both the 400 and 330b.

    the 400 gets used when i'm outdoors and doing big presses. 2.5-4''. the 100 320 and 330 get used when size and portability / flexibility matters.

    if you only have 1 machine, get the 330. as you find you need backups and variety, get the 400 off ebay as it's no longer available.

    also there are swivel jaws/ rings that will give you even more angles to get into tight awkward places.

    review the propress site and look at some of the photos i've posted.

    more and more plumbers are getting into propress and the fittings are much more readily available at the supply house than years before.

    phoebe it is