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Restaurant water dispenser

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  • Restaurant water dispenser

    I have a customer that wants a T&S drinking water dispenser installed behind the ice bin. Is there anything in the codes (plumbing or health) that would require a drip tray to prevent any possible water from dripping into the ice bin? Besides that, there are two outlets(220 and 110) on the wall behind and within 2 ft of where I would be locating the dispenser. Is this allowed as long as they are GFI protected? Thanks.

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    Re: Restaurant water dispenser

    i would think that the dispenser would require a waste line, most likely an indirect waste line.

    chances are the health department would be the one to cite you on it.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Restaurant water dispenser

      Is this for public use?
      Is this an approved dispenser?
      Will the water have to be tested?
      Will the job need inspection during or after completion?

      Most restaurants are managed by:

      It might be wise to do your homework beforehand.


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        Re: Restaurant water dispenser

        It is an approved water cup filler from T&S and it is for public use. They were using the handwash sink faucet to fill cups so when the health inspector came in on their last inspection. I was also thinking about mounting it next to the faucet but that might not float with her either.