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water soluble flux

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    Re: water soluble flux

    Originally posted by Nevada plumber View Post
    They were at the trade show this year. I used one of the sample jars on a job. I thought it was garbage. I won't use it again.

    Junk here as well.
    Some service plumbers were talking it up.
    I used it on a big job where production was a necessary element,It was like five year old honey,contaminating the sockets and pipe with brush hairs cause it is so sticky.Don't like the way it flows either.I left the job early that day when I ran out of my regular and that was all that was on the job.

    Maybe that's the stuff everyone is having a hard time soldering with


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      Re: water soluble flux

      Originally posted by ToUtahNow View Post
      It might also only take 3-years to leak but I mostly only do Construction Defect Litigation and they can only go after the plumber for the first 10-years.

      That wouldn't fly here in Pa. There would be counter lawsuits left and right.