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  • old 300 foot switch

    I have an old (1958) 300 threader. I understand there is a recall whereby Ridgid will retrofit a foot switch under warrenty. Today I delivered the 300 to an authorized Ridgid Repair Center in Portland, OR, 300 miles away from my shop. After leaving the 300, they called and left a message on my office phone, letting me know I need to have them replace the wiring before a foot switch will be mounted. Is this a scam? When I contacted the repair station last week, no mention was made about any charges, nor was any mention made this AM when I dropped off the tool. When I contacted Ridgid last week, no mention was made of any wiring changes needing to be made. Any idea as to the wiring changes needed?

    Douglas Hicks
    General Fire Equipment Co of Eastern Oregon, Inc

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    Maybe it's just that your 40 year old wire has reached then of its useful life, and they are advising you that for your safety you need to replace it. Could it be possible that the wiring section in question is inside the machine and was not immediately visible on initial inspection by you ro them until work was started? Was there no explination given as to the nature of the wiring changes needed?

    Also, look at it from their end. If they did install the new footswitch and released the tool back to you with wiring that was suspect and someone used the tool and got hurt what would happen? Everyone would say "who last serviced this tool?" and there would be finger-pointing and blame put on someone. Legally they are probably required to notify you or refuse to install the retrofit footswitch to a tool that is not safe.

    I have no idea of the condition of your 300 machine or its wiring, and I have no connection with Ridgid. I am just thinking that I would not install a footswitch on a machine with wiring that was found to be not safe if I was doing the service on the machine.

    Would you want or expect your car mechanic to blindly install new pads or shoes on your car's brakes and not inspect the brake line hoses? And if he did find a bad hose should he notify you that additional work (above the quoted price) is required to make the car safe or just quietly finish the job and hope you don't crash due to failed brakes in the next couple hundred miles and he end up in court.


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      From what I understood Ridgid will install a foot switch free of charge kinda like a recall thingy if it is 1975 or newer. Unfortunatly my machine is 1973 so I had to do it the hard way..


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        The footswitch notice can be found on Ridgid's site here;


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          ther is no wiring they have to fix. but they do have to cut a hole in the switch box to fit the cord from the footswitch in it with a groumet. there should be no charge. unless they order you a updated switch box. i usually cut a hole in the box if ther is room, when i get an old 300 like that in.