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    Re: Call Backs

    Speaking of call backs....

    Installed a Noritz tankless about three weeks ago - everything working fine, homeowner was happy. About 2 weeks later, they call in the PM complaining that it seems to be cycling itself and they don't get constant hot water... I found this to be a bit odd, but the next morning they called back saying it was working fine again. Fast forward another 5 days and they call in the morning complaining that they had no hot water whatsoever...

    Get to the site (on the ONLY rainy day in Los Angeles - heater installed outdoors...) and open the pressure relief to get the heater to fire and there's NOTHING, no exhaust fan, no ignition, NOTHING. I check to see if it's getting power and the green LED on the GFCI indicates the outlet is supply power. As a "why not", I unplug the heater socket and plug it back in and test again - Damn thing starts working fine.

    I still have no idea what caused this, but having to drive out, stand in pouring rain, and find that the heater was just being fussy was really irritating. Perhaps it shut itself down for some reason?
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      Re: Call Backs

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      Little blue pills = Viagra?
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