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  • Hero for a day

    Okay maybe not for all day, maybe just a couple of hours.

    Sat. am traveling with wife to watch daughter play volleyball, stop in small town 25 minutes away to get breakfast and over hear 6 elderly local gals talking about the town gossip when the subject comes up.....where do we get a good plumber? I hear some of their complaints, not getting called back, not on time etc.

    As we are leaving I stop at their table, drop some cards and let them know I am sorry they have had troubles and that I would be glad to service that area if the need arises.
    Get a call mid day from one of them who has noticed some water around the water heater, so on my way home I stop to take a look. Leaking tank on 12 yo heater, with towels around to keep water from getting to finished area of basement (FD is 6' away but no slop at the WH). I notice a couple of other things, let them know I will take care of heater and couple of other issues with it on Monday am. and gave them a verbal quote.

    Install new 50 gal. natural gas heater, with DRAIN PAN, and run pvc to FD, add gas shut off valve to water heater which was missing , and.....mind you house is 25+ years old so this is the 2nd water heater for the house, I swap the water lines so the cold actually feeds the cold side of the heater

    gate valve was on the cold line, but feeding the hot side of the heater. You could see by piping, gas and water, that original heater was probably the same. Partly due to the fact that you access the room from behind the heater, and had more room on that side, so they had just stood behind the heater and put the cold on their right.....and replacment installer just followed suit.

    I had charge for all material w/normal mark up, my normal time for the work, plus travel time to the job.
    When they asked for the total I repeated what I had quoted and they thought the quote was material only! They were expecting additional cost for labor.

    It is nice to walk away from a home where you have provided a professional service at a fair price (fair to both parties) you make your profit and customers appreciate the services provides.

    so my new business plan..........go out to breakfast more often

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    Re: Hero for a day

    sounds great keap up the good work + get a few pics we like to see
    SMELLS LIKE $$$$$$ TO ME


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      Re: Hero for a day

      It pays to have good hearing AND listen. Good job!
      Time flies like an arrow.

      Fruit flies like a banana.