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535 pipe threading machine

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  • 535 pipe threading machine

    oil pump will not prime. tried to force oil in pick up line. and operated pump and still will not pump. i even repaired the pump with a new repair kit.

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    If you are working with the Model A pump, (oil lines are on opposite sides of the pump.) Check the pinion gear that holds the rubber rotor blade. Over time the shoulder of this pinion can wear, causing the pinion to sit back farther than it should, which in turn would not allow the rotor blade to make proper contact with the valve plate of the pump. Also take a look at the pump body itself, there could also be a groove worn where the pinion rides causing the same problem. If you are working with an MJ oil pump (oil lines on same side), check the main pinion on it and see if the roll pin that drives the gerotor is in tact as this may have worn off. Also check the oil lines themselves in order to assure that there are no cracks that could allow the pump to suck air. If the problem persists, get in touch with our technical service department at 1-800-519-3456 for further assistance and suggestions.