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Ridgid K50 vs K380 Drum

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  • Ridgid K50 vs K380 Drum

    I was currently using a K380 with autofeed and had pretty good luck with it clearing sink, washing machine, and pretty much 2" lines. I have tried twice to clear a 3" main and the drum stops turning and gets to where it can't do anymore so i had to turn away the of charge!! I just purchased a K50 on ebay with reverse auger also and was just wondering if this is a good machine for 3" mains with light roots or stubborn stoppage. Please any advice you can give is a big help......Is the k50 a better unit than the k380 as far as torque and power?

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    Re: Ridgid K50 vs K380 Drum

    k-50 is a far superior machine to the k-380/ k-400 series machine.

    with the proper 5/8'' sectional cable. you could do up to 4''. they make tight wind heavy duty cable 5/8'' x 10' and that will cut light root stoppages. plus there are a much better blade assortment and the instant acting clutch.

    read up on the k-50 and you'll soon learn the tricks and love it like the regular users of the machine.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Ridgid K50 vs K380 Drum

      Thanks alot Rick for the reply, i will do my research and see what i need to order....I purcchased a K50 with cable and drum attachment from ebay but i have been reading a little about them......