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Digital Cameras for plumbers

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  • Digital Cameras for plumbers

    The digital camera has become a tool that I use almost as much as my channellocks pliers these days.

    I keep a camera with my hand tools for documenting work, damage found, existing conditions, root ball prize catches, etc.

    My toolbox camera went to the big film shop in the sky yesterday, so I need to replace it.

    Anyone have a particular model or brand that they have used on the job that they like?

    I was thinking of going with one of the waterproof/freezeproof models (both are a factor for me as it will be on job sites in the winter)

    Whatcha think.

    God how far we've come since the old polaroid that I used to schlep around!

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    Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

    I've had a Canon Power shot S3 IS for about 5yrs(?) now.
    No problems with it. It normally stays in the van even during winter.

    Honestly, I think it has way too many functions. I understand about 50% of them. Might be a bit more then whats really needed on site.

    Its primary function is as a work tool but once I clean the poo of it, it also takes some pretty good family Photos/videos.
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      Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

      My last two cameras have been Canon PowerShot models. They hold up pretty well for what I do. I think I got around five years before I decided to upgrade.

      I agree that my old model had way to many features on it, but my new one has the user interface very simplified. Auto mode works well for almost everything.


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        Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

        All of my photos for this site are from my various phones over the years

        Palm Treo
        2 different Blackberrys
        Currently using a 2.5MP Samsung Galaxy S touchphone (love it)

        I like always having my camera with me...
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          Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

          I use a Iphone.
          Can text, email, do whatever with the pictures on the job. And pretty much guaranteed not to damage it since it's my most prized posession.


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            Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

            I also use my Iphone. I know I'm not gonna break it cause of my case I have on it - the Otterbox Defender series. It's a little pricey for a case but I've dropped my phone from about 6 feet onto a concrete floor and it still worked fine after that. I'd recommend that case to anyone with an iphone that does any type of construction work.
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              Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

              my olympus is a water proof and drop proof camera. most of my good photos were taken with it. then switched over to my cell phone 2mp with no flash

              my new cell has a 3mp camera and video along with a blinding led 2 stage flash. great thing is i just email the photo to myself and then post it when i get in. not water proof, but decent.

              phoebe it is


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                Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

                I started with an Olympus that didn't take video, then I moved up to the Canon A570 Power Shot that has done the 13,000 pictures and videos I've taken over the years.

                People are shocked at how some of the pictures are in clarity, but it's starting to show age and sometimes takes pictures that are no good (like the polaroid) and you can't use them.

                I'm due for an upgrade but I swore that camera had to make me 40g's before I buy a new one. I'm going to stick to that if I can.

                Got an iPhone 4G as well that'll take pics and vids but I've got more functions on the canon. The phone camera is great when you catch something on the fly.
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                  Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

                  Both my daughter and wife have an Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 camera and they both love it. they of course are not using or abusing them in the manner that would occur in a normal work day for a contractor but they have held up well and take great photos. A big plus in my opinion as I had commented on last time the Q of a job site camera came up is that this camera has no external moving parts, ie, no lens which moves in and out, no pop up flash, etc. To me for a work camera this is a big plus as those are just places to trap dirt and debris and end up killing your camera.

                  I would suggest no matter what camera you are looking at that you check it out first for free on the DP Review website. They have in depth reviews of just about every digital camera from the past 10 years, from $50 cheapie to a $4000 Nikon DSLR.

                  For a review of the Stylus 8010 go here;
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                    Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

                    I use my cell phone camera a lot too (BB Curve), but the lack of flash makes it pretty useless for a lot of my job sites (remodels and repairs, crawl spaces, etc.)

                    Next phone I'll try to get one with a flash.

                    I need to have something with good clarity.

                    My last camera was an Olympus Stylus that lasted about 4 years. It was a basic model with retractable lens. I'm thinking that the tough series will get me a few extra years out of it (and I can take it fishing and not worry too much ).

                    FujiFilm has a model too, but I don't know about that brand.\

                    thanks for the input guys, always great to hear what works for others



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                      Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

                      I used this camera for a few years before I bought the Android phone. Kept it in the marine case all the time and tucked nicely in a side pocket of my tool bag. It's pretty small. Easy to operate even in the case. Very rugged. Took it snorkeling a few times also. Bought it off eBay for about $60



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                        Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

                        Up grading my cell phones next month with the new droid x with 8 mega pix
                        will be getting an Otter box for it to keep it safe. Cell phone camera's are easier and you can e-mail pix from the phone to the customer in a few seconds. My old still in service cell phone with no flash takes bad pictures.
                        Could have shared a lot of hack photo's but camera stinks. Soon I can share better pictures.
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                          Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

                          wife just got me a iphone 4 this week. got a ballistic brand phone case. i think its a much better case. my 2 cents


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                            Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

                            Kodak Zi8. Like the Flip. Can take still photos just like any camera. Can also make a movie if you want with sound. Fits in your pocket & you can get a little bendable tripod for it at around $5.00. Handy so far.

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                              Re: Digital Cameras for plumbers

                              I been eyeballing the Roybi camera that HD has for $199, I like the fact its almost bullet proof. It has a lens protector, and is water resistant, has a good flash and a decent megapixel count. I just can not justify dropping 200 bucks at the HD on a digital camera.

                              The last set of pics I posted here was from my Droid X.

                              My best friend's wife works at the Wolf Camera in Hillside as the manager. You should pop in there and have a chat with her, her name is Stacy. Also hit the butcher in the stip mall there.
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