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Using your head.

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  • Using your head.

    Yesterday I was on a job where I had to cap an open vent pipe in a floor that had been covered. (1st mistake. Always cap vent lines right away.) I had several stops to make yesterday so was in a hurry. I cut a 12" x 24" piece of luan with a skill saw, but the saw wouldn't cut any closer than 5" to the wall. I didn't want to take the time to go downstairs, outside and bring my sawzall in from the truck so I let the uncut portion be and pried back the luan. (2nd mistake. Always use the right tools) Now, of course the spring action of the luan wants to snap back to the floor so I placed my tool bucket to restrain the luan. (3rd mistake) Did I mention that there were a couple dozen staples, and several 2" long very thin single staples protruding from the underside of the luan. Think of a bed of nails.

    So, of course, during the minute while I'm crouched over placing a cap over the open vent line (4th and final mistake) the luan gets past the bucket somehow and slaps down onto my head. Kind of like this.... -> Or this... -> (Only in reverse)

    Luckily the long staples and shorter double staples went on either side of my skull. Otherwise the results would have been far more interesting to this thread. So I received a wakeup call but otherwise not even a headache. Sorry, no pics.

    From the Hill Street Blues desk sergeant: "Let's be careful out there!"
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    Re: Using your head.

    I can not belive that you did not take the time to get a pic or two to share with us.

    Seriously, I am glad you were not injured and I am sure you learned something today;

    Namely: Don't tell the guys on the forum what happened at work.
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