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    Re: Trade Only

    Originally posted by luke plumber View Post
    Hi "Leak Free"
    Thanks for the response.
    Did the plumbers in the area like the idea of a "Trade Only" supplier when they were in business?
    Bye the way, does anyone have a run down on the licencing of general plumbers in the USA?
    Or can anyone call themselves a plumber and offer their services to the public?
    In Illinois there is a state license required and a separate one for the city of Chicago,the Chicago lic. is also good thruout the state as stated on the back of it.
    Steve in the trade since 73 doing new residential/Commercial work


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      Re: Trade Only

      Thanks for the reply,
      From your responses and my reading on the net there is a big opportunity for a "Trade Only" plumbing supplier in the USA.

      The market in the USA for plumbing supplies must be enormous. In the UK and Australia the idea is catching on. The two businesses that have this policy seem to be thriving.

      It would be great to see "Trade Only" gain some traction in the USA as well.

      For anyone who is interested I have included some links below.
      The first is a UK company and has a video that explains the Trade Only bit.

      The second one is the Australian company.By the way they stock Ridgid gear.
      The Australian site is not as sophisticated, but has some interesting articles if you click on the newsletter part.

      Again thanks everyone for the replies and comments.

      I look forward to seeing a "Trade Only" supply house starting up soon.



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        Re: Trade Only

        Hi All Plumbers

        Has anyone stood at at their local supplier, behind a householder?

        Have you ever waited for service while the guy behind the counter spends 10 minutes explaining to a householder how to install something?