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  • A message from Kohler


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    Re: A message from Kohler

    What does the message say. Document fighting me.




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      Re: A message from Kohler


      Q1. Why has KOHLER launched a new Wellworth toilet?
      A1. In celebration of the 75th birthday of the Wellworth toilet, we are delivering new, leading edge design and performance at the value price point! This fresh take on a classic fixture ensures the Wellworth will continue to be an industry icon for many years to come, while bringing you the best professional grade toilet lineup in the industry.

      After 75 years, Introducing Our Best Wellworth Ever. Exceptional Performance. Exceptional Value.

      Q2. How does the new Wellworth performance compare to the Wellworth Classic?
      A2. The new Wellworth offers improved performance versus the Wellworth Classic.
      ·The 3:2 ratio between the valve intake and outlet harnesses the natural force of gravity and optimizes flush performance. Water delivery is precision designed to make the Wellworth virtually plug free.
      ·Expected 1,000 gram MaP scores, even at 1.28gpf.
      ·Greater than 50% more water passes through the bowl rim, optimizing water flow for a long, clean and efficient rinse. Water spot, or the water surface area in the bowl, has not changed, so the toilet stays clean.

      Q3. What else is new with the Wellworth?
      A3. The new Wellworth offers the following great features and benefits – and more!
      ·A more Productive and Efficient Inventory as we are moving from 14 SKU’s that form 12 unique combos to 8 SKU’s that form 15 combos. 1.28gpf and 1.6gpf toilets will share the same bowl sku.
      ·3 bolt installation – 3 pre-installed bolts save installation time and provide more options for adjustment.
      ·Ideal remodeling footprint – the toilet base is large enough to cover most existing footprints.
      ·Easy to Service – the universal replacement gasket fits all KOHLER canister valve toilets. The gasket takes only seconds to replace and doesn’t require multiple replacement parts.

      Q4. How will you be supporting this new product introduction in the market?
      A4. The new Wellworth launch will be supported by:
      ·Trade show focus at PHCC (10/27/10), Greenbuild (11/17/2010), ASPE (10/30/10), IBS (1/12/2010) and KBIS (4/26/11)
      ·Press releases
      ·Trade advertisements
      ·Sell sheets and videos
      ·Digital, social media and direct mail marketing campaigns
      ·Counter displays and mats and co-op assets
      ·Counter days events
      ·Showroom displays
      ·Wellworth branded merchandise
      · placement
      Q5. What are you calling this new product?
      A5. The new Bold. Design. has assumed the Wellworth and Highline® naming convention, as it is the newest incarnation of the flagship design. The existing tank design has been renamed “Wellworth Classic” and the SKU numbers for these offerings remain unchanged.

      Q6. Is the new Wellworth readily available?
      A6. We will be rolling the new Wellworth out regionally, commencing in December 2010. Please check with your KOHLER customer service agent or Sales representative for details. We are committed to national availability within 3 months of launch.

      Q7. What configurations are available in the new Wellworth design?
      A7. All configurations will be available upon release, making this design a true professional solution. This lineup includes the Wellworth round-front, elongated and Highline Comfort Height elongated toilets at 1.6 and 1.28gpf, as well as 10” and 14” rough ins, Insuliner® tanks, tank locks and right hand trip levers.

      Q8. Are the new Wellworth toilets interchangeable with the Wellworth Classic?
      A8. The new Wellworth toilets are not interchangeable with certain Wellworth Classic skus. Please reference the sku crossover chart for details.

      Q9. What is going to happen to the Wellworth Classic offering?
      A9. We will continue to make the Wellworth Classic design available throughout most of 2011 to support job quotations or instances where the Classic design is required. We will discontinue the Classic design following this transition period. Specifically, Kohler Sales representatives will follow-up on each project, ensuring that the product needs of the customer are being addressed. Make no mistake about it, the new Wellworth design is here to stay!

      Q10. What is the pricing premium for the new Wellworth toilet?
      A10. The new Wellworth design brings improved design, performance, value and inventory productivity - all at a price equal to the existing Wellworth Classic.


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        Re: A message from Kohler

        I want to be behind it and positive. I have to say to all of the mfg. for God's sake stop trying to reinvent the wheel. Make it right and leave it alone.

        Maybe this one will have a new and improved Square Flapper. With a unique a 9 digit part# that noone can seem to identify (even Kohler) or have in stock.

        To be changed mid year of course.