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  • Inground Tankless Temps

    Tankless has been discussed pretty thoroughly on this forum. Some love them, some don't, some are in-between. I just have to get this out there though 'cause everyone, including myself, reads and checks all of the manufacturers charts and tables for temp-degree rise, btu's, etc.

    Now what I want to get across:

    If you do not know the lowest incoming water temperature at EACH installation site, you DO NOT KNOW IF ANY MODEL CAN PRODUCE THE NECESSARY GPM FOR THE APPLICATION .

    For my area, almost every water line will be a little different. Length, and more importantly....depth. I could easily have a line right below or even in the freeze zone. So that can be a 100' refrigerator for it to run through in the winter at say...38 degrees F.

    What I'm getting at is that without measuring & digging up the line, ALL of the charts & tables will not be universally accurate because you do not know what the incoming temperature will be as it is controlled by length, depth, and weather.

    This tankless may produce 5 gpm of tempered water at this residence under winter circumstances. But the exact same tankless may only produce 3 gpm at a different residence during the same time of year.

    Think about it. I'm working on an article so I'm back on the subject. Hope I'm not beating it to death for anyone.

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