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Do indirect storage tanks...

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  • Do indirect storage tanks...

    have a dip tube on the domestic cold inlet? Just wondering cause I don't see alot of these around here.

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    Re: Do indirect storage tanks...

    actually the ones i install are the 115 gallon raypacks. they have 2 lower inlets and circ line back to the heater along with a top outlet for the building supply.

    so it doesn't have a dip tube as the cooler water comes in that the bottom of the tank and circulates a couple inches higher back to the heater.

    now if it was just a domestic heater used for storage, then it would need a dip tube. otherwise the hot will go in at the top and exit the top without mixing.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Do indirect storage tanks...

      Thanks that is what I thought.


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        Re: Do indirect storage tanks...

        Funny this subjuct came up. I am on my way to pick up a 120 gallon storage tank.
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          Re: Do indirect storage tanks...

          Some do some don't

          Depends on where the connections are

          For instance the triangle tube indirects do since the DHW connections are on top

          Indirect water heaters not to be confused with Indirect storage tanks.
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            Re: Do indirect storage tanks...

            I love the Weil Mclain Gold Plus series.

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              Re: Do indirect storage tanks...

              Funny you mention the Weil-Mclain Gold Plus. Installed 2 this week and have another one next week. The one next week is a warranty leaker though. Only 3 years old. She gets a new one at no charge but has to pay for the $1500+ labor (very difficult access). Outer boiler tank leaked so she lost heat AND hot water. She is NOT happy.

              First time I've seen (or heard) of a tank-in-tank indirect fired heater leak