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switching from propane to natural gas

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  • switching from propane to natural gas

    I have a couple of turkey deep fryers that burn propane. Can they be switched over to burn natural gas? If so is there some guide line to know what size orrifice to use?

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    It's a matter of changing the size of the orifice on your burners. Propane burns hotter than natural gas so it is a matter of drilling the orifice to the BTUs required for NG. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, call a plumbing contractor. I'm sure they can help you out. But then again, your in Texas. Give me the BTUs and I'll find out what drill size you'll need.


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      One of the burners is 165000 BTU's. The other one is 1350000 BTU's.


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        For 165,000 BTUH, At 3.5" water column, a number 30 drill bit will give you 159,993 BTUs. For 1,350,000 BTUH at 3.5" water column, a size 'U' drill bit will give you 1,309,233 BTUs. If your operating pressures are different, these sizes will not work for you. If you go for it and drill them out, you could clock your gas meter to find out how many BTUs you're actually burning after the modification. Don't forget to replace or change the gas valve on your units from LP to NG. Check with the manufacturer. They usally have conversion packages available.