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Broke my first basin wrench...

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    Re: Broke my first basin wrench...

    Originally posted by idlplumb View Post
    I've been using the Ridgid Faucet and Sink Installer....I like it more than a basin wrench and there really isn't much that it can't do. I haven't run into any newer faucets that it couldn't install.

    Just something you might want to look into....

    I do use that tool, but I was using the basin wrench to try and loosen some nipples in the wall where I did not have much room. So basically I was using it as a pipe wrench.


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      Re: Broke my first basin wrench...

      Ahh. Plumbers.
      Screwdrivers are chisels or picks.
      Hammers are used to hammer, dig, and anything else we can think to "fix" with them.
      PEX cutters used to cut CSST pipe..
      Basin wrenches used as pipe wrenches.
      Any means of using a tool in any other way than specified by the manufacturer

      I broke the side of the jaw housing on a 48 inch aluminum pipe wrench with a sledge hammer once. Was trying to pull a T post out from under a sidewalk that I had driven in to try to "bore" under for a water service. Classic.