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Thoughts on best tool for cutting cinh (for me)

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    Re: Thoughts on best tool for cutting cinh (for me)

    Originally posted by PLUMBER RICK View Post
    don't get me started on sawzalls. i'm sure i have one for every day in february including leap year

    1 day i will sell the farm



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      Re: Thoughts on best tool for cutting cinh (for me)

      well, I'm picking up the 60' of cinh and fittings for the job I'd hoped to use as an excuse to buy a snap cutter for tomorrow, on the way back from pumping a grease trap as I'll have the pickup anyway to haul the grease barrels. looks like I'll be diamond blading in another repair.

      I bid this thing counting on 10 cuts with the diamond blade, which I calculated darn near broke even with buying a snap cutter and charging something reasonable for time to install.

      Makes me think just buy the 226 for the next 1/10/100 and give up, bid them all high, and laugh/cry/take the compliment when I get the go to proceed.
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