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118 self-feeding cutter

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  • 118 self-feeding cutter

    The 118 has been out for a while now and we here at Ridgid are looking for some feedback on it. Does the self-feed feature save you time? Does it make your job easier? Lastly and most importantly should we put this feature into our 103 and 104 cutters?

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    Well I haven't bought one yet...I only just saw one in these parts a coupla days ago...first thing that struck me about it is that it seems quite large...a not-so-mini cutter

    I'll prolly pick one up on payday or something...always like new toys


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      The 118 cutter was designed to function as a 101 mini cutter, but with the self-feeding feature. It has the same cutting capacity and swing radius as the 101. It is our largest mini cutter though, and yes for some applications it might be a little too large.

      Please let me know what you think of the 118 if you do decide to purchase one.

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        The 118 cutter is great!

        I was working in the joist space of basement with wires all over the place and had to bend over backwards to get in...worked like a charm...just cranked it down and started spinning. Nice tool for the job



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          Hve not seen a 118 cutter yet, what does it look like and what is the price


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            Lead Free,
            Check out this link.




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              In regards to your question on the #118 cutter. I am a wholesale representative in Canada and when it first came out we ran a promo on the 118 and it went over great. All of the customers I sold it to were impressed and liked the way it works, especially if they are working in a tighter spot with water in the lines. They said you tighten it once and away it cuts, you are not fumbling with it. Larry Cote
              Larry Cote


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                I've used this cutter since last april, works great. I seem to prefer this over my #15 since i"m always using it. Just keep it well lubed and it does the trick.