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Some days you are the Hammer

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    Re: Some days you are the Hammer

    Glad to hear customers where understanding okiebill.

    Makes a bad situation so much better when the customer understands that, that could have happened to anyone.

    Just remember to remain calm and step away from the jackhammer if you need to.'s not the fault of the house, it's just one of those things.

    That said, if it where me, I'd jackhammer the he11 out of that house. Obviously it's the gateway to hell
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      Re: Some days you are the Hammer

      Originally posted by Gene Bickford View Post
      Obviously it's the gateway to hell
      Sorry have to disagree Gene. It's one of the gateway's to hell. Another one was located today in Roseville, Mn. I spent 6 hours straight, non stop without a break on a 160' sewer. After umptysquat number of runs with a smaller cutter I went for the expanding cutter. Too much torque or not enough backbone. The cable, sick of the abuse, twisted inside the 6" clay 80' out. The twist occurred 60' back from the cutter.

      I had to call a sainted angel of plumbing buddy who came and bailed me out by helping to pull the dead carcass cable back. (thanks Carl)

      Tonight I called a fellow with a large gas jetter. While I would get far more satisfaction solving the problem myself, at this point the customer will be better served with the jetter.

      Sometimes the nail! Indeed.
      Time flies like an arrow.

      Fruit flies like a banana.