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Threading Plastic Wrapped Pipe

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  • Threading Plastic Wrapped Pipe

    I just found out that I can not thread plastic wrapped pipe with my 12R die head. I have a 700 power drive with a complete set of dies and I was very happy with them. I use them all the time, but just recently I needed to thread some pipe for a gas line and discovered the 12R die head would not fit over the plastic wrap. I do not want to buy a threading machine because of the size and weight. I need to be portable. Is there a 12R die head for plastic wrap pipe?

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    all you do is cut off the wrap just far enouge to tread the pipe and ifits bellow groung rerap it when done i think new pipe comes with unrapped ends


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      We do offer a die head specifically for plastic coated pipe. They are listed in the catalog. These die heads are bored oversize to provide enough clearance for the plastic coating. We paint these die heads silver to distinguish them from the traditional 12R's. If you do a substantial amount of threading with this type of pipe, you might want to consider a set. However, if you were only doing a piece here of there then I would go with Jeff's recommendation and save yourself a few dollars. I have included a link to the catalog page that lists the die heads. I hope this is of some assistance.